Maximo v7.5 End of Support | Improvements & Benefits

By: Jacquie Chischillie | Technical Sales Engineer

As promised in my previous blog, I will present to you some of the improvements and benefits you will gain by upgrading to Maximo v7.6. These are the functional, technical, and just plain people-friendlier advances you’ll realize in addition to staying in IBM’s good graces after support ends for v7.5.

I know that typically, when a new version of a software is released, all the hype is around the great, new, futuristic functionality that half of you will use while the other half are just as happy with the vanilla version – if it gets the job done. The latest version of Maximo has something to offer for all users. From the IT department to the end-user, IBM had all of you in mind with the latest upgrade.

To make this latest installment of “Maximo v7.5 EOS” more palatable I thought I would divide the list in a way that made sense to the entire audience. After all, if you are a Buyer you might not really care what the weather will be like this afternoon. But if you service windfarm turbines, well, being forewarned of an impending thunderstorm might determine how you plan your week.

I can by no means encompass all the tweaks and changes in the latest version of Maximo but I’ll try to whet your appetite to find out more.

Let’s start with the friendlier user experience.

  • A new User Interface makes navigating the system a little more intuitive
    • Left hand navigation instead of drop down menus keeps all applications and actions visible.
    • More readily visible breadcrumbs let the user keep track of the path they took to their current screen.
    • Reconfigured screens fit better on a variety of devices.
    • Versatile Start Centers support multiple objects
  • Even more intuitive than the 7.6 UI is the Work Center Interface available in v7.6.0.5

For those users who need more information at their fingertips:

  • Configurable Hover Dialog boxes are available for different objects
  • Calculation have been added to adhoc reporting
  • BIM data can be imported in COBie format and viewed in Maximo to manage asset and location applications
  • Map Manager is improved for service addresses

Industries have choices for more detailed solutions and add-on applications. For example:

  • Maximo for Aviation was designed in collaboration with aircraft manufacturers
    • It supports the entire lifecycle of an aircraft – Engineering and MRO
  • Graphical Scheduler
    • Now independent of Graphical Assignment
    • Three (3) different ways to organize schedules – Work, Asset, and Location
    • Includes Repair Facilities which can be scheduled as resources
  • Scheduler Plus for better decision making
    • Weather forecasts
    • Capital planning
    • Appointment scheduling
  • Maximo Everyplace mobile is included at no charge

And for those technical team members:

  • Scripting enhancements
  • Automation of common configuration scenarios
  • Much more…

Above is just a small sampling of what you can expect from an upgrade to Maximo v7.6.x. My blog would turn into a book if I tried to include everything. But remember, IBM will be ending support for Maximo v7.5 one year from now, April 30, 2018. Do yourself a favor and call Projetech or one of our trusted resellers to find out more about the latest offerings and how we can make the upgrade effort easier on you and your team.

Want to learn more about upgrading? Visit our website and fill out this form.

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